The Band

In the beginning there was the ambition of several musicians, tired of inventing own songs, or better to say quasi-own songs (any self-critic author of Rock ‚n‘ Roll music knows what is meant), to play old songs but evergreens. The original intention of the newly formed group was to present the works of various foreign and domestic music makers and by this to amuse themselves and their audience. Soon after we learned several songs of the cult Australian-Scottish group AC/DC it became clear that it was exactly the music of our hearts and it also accompanied the first dreams of teenage-rock ‚n‘ roll-fans. This way the tribute band Špejbl’s Helprs was born.

The bottom line of our efforts can be formulated as a precise tribute. One of the strengths of Špejbl’s Helprs is the vocal of Petr Průša who has almost perfectly mastered the original expression of Brian Johnson, as not only we believe.

Since 2017 the band members are: Petr Průša – vocal, Petr Kollert – lead guitar, Ivan Eis – rhythm guitar, Martin Skala – bass guitar and Marek Stark – drums. We would like to express our gratitude and thanks to our former members Petr Kopsa (bass guitar) and Zdeněk Melín (rhythm guitar) for their long-term cooperation.

The band has travelled not only throughout the Czech Republic over the years, meeting very positive response. We want to keep playing and enrich our repertoire (having dozens of compositions at present) and to entertain as many listeners as possible during the shows of our cloned band in the Czech Republic and abroad.

Though we are aware that we would never replace the original AC/DC, we firmly believe that the connoisseurs will enjoy our performance and others – less cognisant listeners – will become fans of this world legend.